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Our Partners

We are working with our partners to create a local pharmaceutical manufacturing enterprise focused on producing and distributing quality products and training a local workforce.


Rymedi is a leader in healthcare applications of the blockchain-powered data management systems. The automated Quality Management System will be Med Aditus’ differentiating asset, which will enable capturing, processing, and permissioned sharing of data to ensure quality and integrity of products and processes across manufacturing, distribution, and medication treatment. By controlling and tracking quality to create the industry best-practices and by making real-time data available to the regulatory agencies, Med Aditus will seek accelerated regulatory approvals to achieve competitive advantage. This technology will also protect Med Aditus’ products from substitution by substandard and falsified drugs during distribution. Learn more at

Integra Continuous Manufacturing Systems, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Acumen Biopharma, was founded by Prof. Fernando Muzzio at Rutgers University, a leader in developing continuous manufacturing processes and formulations for the pharmaceutical industry. Integra will develop formulations, train personnel, and assist in tech-transfer so Med Aditus can bring the state-of-the-art manufacturing technology to Africa, and produce high quality medicines at low costs. Learn more at

A three-way partnership between CPT Pharma, Medicines for All Institute (M4ALL) and Med Aditus was forged for the manufacture of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) for our products in Africa. The CEO of Medicines 4 All Institute, Prof. Frank Gupton at Virginia Commonwealth University, is a leader in developing cost-effective API syntheses using continuous manufacturing processes. CPT Pharma in South Africa is implementing continuous manufacturing processes for APIs developed by Prof. Gupton’s group. Learn more at and

Healthcare Ecosystem

We have partnered with the government of Kisumu County, located in Western Kenya near Lake Victoria, as the flagship first location of the Med Aditus pharmaceutical manufacturing enterprise in sub-Saharan Africa. The alignment of the Governor, Honorable Peter Anyang’ Nyong’o’s vision with the vision of Med Aditus has culminated in a partnership that promises to transform Kisumu’s healthcare ecosystem and local pharmaceutical manufacturing in sub-Saharan Africa. Learn more at

Great Lakes University of Kisumu, Kenya (GLUK) will work with Med Aditus to to facilitate an industry-academy-government partnership for developing targeted training programs that will cultivate the workforce necessary for industry-wide growth and competition in the region. Learn more at


The Drugs for Neglected Diseases initiative (DNDi) and Med Aditus have jointly developed a case study to explore a potential partnership for manufacture of oxfendazole or other products in Africa and make them available on an affordable and equitable basis. Learn more at

Distribution Partners

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