CDC Group, Development Partners International, and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development to combine Egyptian pharmaceuticals manufacturer with Indian generic drugs company to create a new platform for delivering affordable treatments.
Platform has received an initial $250 million in capital from its founding investors and plans to raise up to an additional $500 million to execute on its industrial strategy and fund further acquisitions across Africa.
First of its kind Pan-African pharma platform will generate significant cost savings for healthcare providers across Africa and broaden range of therapeutics available in underserved markets.
Earmarked a strong pipeline within its existing product portfolio for the potential introduction of over 85 life-saving drugs across the continent at affordable prices.

Development Partners International (“DPI”) through its ADP III fund, CDC Group, the UK’s publicly owned impact investor, and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (“EBRD”) have joined forces in a groundbreaking deal to create a major new player in the pan-African pharmaceuticals industry.

The three founding investors have committed an initial $250 million of capital that have been used to fund the acquisition and combination of Adwia Pharmaceuticals, an Egyptian generic drugs manufacturer, and Celon Laboratories Pvt, an Indian oncology and critical care specialist. The platform will leverage its manufacturing and R&D center of excellence in India to strengthen its local manufacturing operations in Africa, while capturing synergies from centralized supply chain management and business development.

This first of its kind Pan-African platform is designed to compete in large, fast-growing markets as well as high-demand, differentiated therapeutic areas such as oncology through innovation and cost leadership. The newly created platform will improve the delivery of essential and affordable specialty generic pharmaceuticals across the African continent. This will be supported by up to an additional $500 million fund raise, to fund a strong pipeline of acquisitions, assist in new drug development, and establishment of new distribution channels.

The platform is co-founded by the executive management team comprising Hocine Sidi-Said, Chief Executive Officer and Alhadi Alwazir, Chief Strategy Officer and Head of Corporate Development, who together bring decades of emerging market pharma experience, private equity transaction experience and a strong buy and build track record.

In addition to the significant value creation potential, the founding investors in the platform also expect significant health-related impacts (which will be measured) driven by drug affordability and availability. The positive impact of the investment on female empowerment, climate change mitigation, job quality and job growth will also be tracked.

Sofiane Lahmar, Partner at DPI commented:

“For a number of years DPI has explored the establishment of a new pan-African pharma platform that can transform this significantly underserved and underpenetrated industry. We are thrilled to have brought together the consortium of DPI, CDC and EBRD, with the leadership of Hocine, Alhadi and their team, to achieve that vision.
By creating this unique platform, we will deliver substantial, tangible impact by increasing the availability and affordability of quality drugs and by developing local production and reducing reliance on imported drugs across Africa. The platform will also offer a defensive, differentiated, and attractive opportunity for investors driven by the continued strong growth of the African generic pharma industry and its defensive and resilient nature demonstrated during the global COVID-19 crisis.”

Abhinav Sinha, Director and Head of Manufacturing at CDC, said:

“The African pharmaceutical industry remains chronically underdeveloped, with over 80 per cent of prescription and over-the-counter drugs imported from outside of Africa. This platform is being built from the ground up to specifically address the challenges facing African healthcare providers and improving health security. It will make a significant impact by providing affordable vital life-saving treatments and increasing the range and quality of products available, while aiming to reduce the incidences of counterfeit products in the market.”

British Ambassador to Egypt, Sir Geoffrey Adams, said:

“I am thrilled at the news of this new partnership, bringing together Egyptian, British and Indian expertise to address common medical challenges. If this year has taught us anything, it’s that’s healthcare is a shared concern, and this latest development shows once again how UK and Egypt cooperation is growing daily, and bringing new commercial opportunities for business in both countries. This deal will directly benefit the lives of millions of people across Africa.”

Hocine Sidi-Said, Chief Executive Officer of the platform, said:

“The creation of this new biopharmaceutical platform will fundamentally change the way specialty medicines are made available across Africa. It will also look to invest in broad-based and high-growth specialty generics assets across Africa, in high-demand areas such as oncology, autoimmune diseases, diabetes, respiratory issues, and critical care. I am pleased that our vision has attracted and will continue to attract strong investor interest. We look forward to working with our three founding investors and with future investors to successfully fulfill our promise of affordable specialty products in jurisdictions historically deprived from access to such medications.”

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