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Annika Forde

Annika Forde


Annika Forde is an American born Caribbean Native. She spent most of her upbringing in the B.V. I. and St. Lucia before moving to the United States to start her academic career. In 2017, Annika earned a bachelor’s degree from Montclair State University in Business Administration, Finance. She gained professional experience in Marketing while maintaining a special interest in global communities. Currently, Annika is pursuing a career in International Affairs where she plans to contribute to global welfare.

At a young age, Annika discovered the joy of serving her community by participating in the Annual Guana Island Science Program. Over the years, she found many ways to make an impact in her community. She felt drawn to making a difference, whether it was volunteering through crisis relief, working on environmental projects or being part of the Rotary Club. During her undergraduate studies, Annika re-chartered and became the President of the Caribbean Student Organization. More recently, she led a small team to raise $2,000  ($4,500 ECD) from over 37 donors for Saint Lucia COVID Relief.

Annika’s various internships in investment banking, development and accounting provide the backdrop of experience and familiarization that she has for the business world. Her marketing capability emerged from her work as a Sales and Marketing Coordinator at the pre-opening for an ultra-luxury hotel brand. She was responsible for training new employees, maintaining relationships and agreements with partners and presenting integral market R&A for the department.

Annika thrives in international settings. With a strong desire to make a global impact, she began traveling through Europe and the Mediterranean for a year and a half. In September 2019, she was accepted into the English Language and Cultural Assistant program in Madrid, Spain. This granted her the opportunity to teach English at a public bilingual high school in Parla, Spain. Annika quickly became familiar with the challenging but rewarding work involved with being a teacher. She was gratified to be making an impression, however small, in each of her student’s lives. This experience played a huge role in directing her career to International Relations. For Annika, becoming a part of Med Aditus is about taking the next step towards starting a lifetime career in international service.