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Steve Hammond, M.S.

Steve Hammond, M.S.

Independent Counsultant

Steve Hammond retired in 2018 after 39 years with Pfizer. He is now an independent consultant. Hammond has an Honours Degree in Chemistry and a Master Degree in Analytical Chemistry.

Hammond joined Pfizer from Unilever’s Perfumes Division in 1979, to work as an Analytical Chemist in the Global Fermentation Development Group, where he developed a number of Process Analytical Technology (PAT) Applications for Pfizer’s Bioprocess Manufacturing Division. In 1988, he was asked to setup and lead a new team investigating applications of PAT across all types of manufacturing operations undertaken by Pfizer.

Hammond’s role evolved to the position of Senior Director of the Process Analytical Sciences Group (PASG) , Pfizer Global Technology Services, based in the USA. PASG has two functions, PAT Development and Deployment and also to provide Material Sciences support to the Pfizer network of Manufacturing plants. The PAT function consisted of 34 scientists, has the responsibility for developing and supporting the deployment of Process Analytical Technologies and Intelligence Based Manufacturing (Industry 4.0), in all of Pfizer’s manufacturing plants around the globe, both internal and external CMO’s.

The Material Characterization Team, 25 scientists who provide material sciences and forensic analysis support to the Pfizer plant network, internal and external. These responsibilities covered all of the major business divisions: BioPhama, Conventional Pharmaceuticals, Consumer Products and Animal Health divisions.

The last 10 years of Hammond’s time at Pfizer had a heavy focus on development of analytical and control systems for continuous manufacturing, both API and Drug Product. Pfizer has committed to moving the development and manufacturing of all new products to a continuous framework where possible.

Hammond has published and presented may papers on the application of PAT to pharmaceutical processing.