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Zuzana Pribulova

Zuzana Pribulova


As an aspiring female biomedical engineer, Ms. Zuzana Pribulova’s professional goals and research interests reside in improving the engineering of medicine and health care. Zuzana’s passion for the medical field arises from the prevalence of health-related occupations in her family. Growing up surrounded by medical experts allowed her to realize the importance of the health sector to society.

Zuzana is a child of Slovak immigrants and has been exposed firsthand to low-quality health care and learned that the healthcare industry requires fast developments and equitabilityfor a sustainable system. During her college career, Zuzana completed academic projects such as the exploration of kinetic parameters of isoprenaline hydrochloride and serum albumin interactions, the risk mitigation of a biodegradable lung patch, and the development of an EEG signal processor circuit.

Zuzana is currently enrolled in her third year at Pennsylvania State University as a biomedical engineering major, specializing in the biochemical option. Since 2019, she has been a member of the Penn State Biomedical Engineering Society. As Zuzana met with Dr. Dhiren Thakker, she was intrigued by his interests in pharmaceuticals and drug manufacturing. His compassionate devotion towards Med-Aditus is inspiring to young individuals like her. Working with a team towards a common vision of establishing medicine availability greatly compliments the valuable purpose of Zuzana’s studies.